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I love my daddy! November 1, 2008

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Me & Daddy

Me & Daddy

Reasons My Dad is the Coolest:

[1] He wakes up to take me out in the middle of the night when I can’t hold it.

[2] He calls me cool nicknames like “Riles” and “The Riley Monster.”

[3] He crumples up treats in my food bowl.

[4] He keeps my side of the bed warm so I can curl up to mom when he leaves in the mornings.

[5] He always wants to take me on car rides.


Anyhoo, I just wanted to say how much fun I am having meeting new dogs and reading about your adventures.  Thank you all for visiting my blog.

Lots of Licks,

Riley The Puggle


3 Responses to “I love my daddy!”

  1. Bruschi Says:

    Hi Riley! You sure do have a cool dad! My mommy and call me silly names too! Mommy calls me “Snuggle Muffin” and “Noodle Bug”…..I don’t ask……BOL!

  2. niqqi Says:


    Welcome to the good life! You’ve got it made! (I speak from experience.) In spite of what they say, parents aren’t that hard to train!

    Lots of fluffs,


  3. medicallyblonde2 Says:


    You have such a great daddy and mommy! I wish mine would let me sleep in the bed with them! I love to go on car rides too!

    Lots of licks and love!

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