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Mud & New Friends January 4, 2009

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Dear Internet World,

Look at me, posting twice around the same time!  I think that’s my new years resolution… to make mommy give me the computer so I can blog more!  She can’t be doing anything that important.

This week was exciting!  I had a new friend over at the house!  Mommy found her outside, and she was lost!  The neighbors even told mommy that she’d been running around the neighborhood for days with no humans!  I bet she really missed her family!  So, mommy took her to the Humane Society and made them look up her daddy’s phone number.  While we waited for him to call back, she got to stay with me all day!

She was beautiful!


I hope you guys can keep a secret…. I totally had a crush on her!  She was older than me – at least three years old – but who says a charming, handsome puggle like myself can’t have an older woman?  She just wanted to be friends though. 😦


Mommy can we keep her?

Mommy can we keep her?

**(Mommy told me to tell you guys to ignore the laundry in the background.)

Eventually Duchess’s (we found out that was her name) daddy came to pick her up.  Mommy and I were both not to sure about him, but we know that Duchess was probably very happy to finally be in her warm home!

Anyway… in other news… I got in a bit of trouble yesterday.  I tracked in a bunch of fun, gooey, gushy mud in the house, all over the carpet, kitchen, and entryway!  Mommy tried not to upset me, but I could tell she was NOT happy.  She even made me soak my paws in the bathtub!  I normally like baths, but not when they get rid of all the fun mud I worked so hard to get on my paws!

While she was cleaning up, I put myself in time out so she’d stop being mad, and it worked like a charm!  Who can resist a cute puggle who puts himself in time out?


He shoots... he scores!

He shoots... he scores!

Love & Licks,
Riley the Puggle/Evil-Genuis.


8 Responses to “Mud & New Friends”

  1. misskyliem Says:

    Oh you little genius… I guess Puggles really are smart! hehehe. You got a cute girlfriend there, does she live near you that you might be able to have her over for a play date?? You are so handsome you can win any doggie heart!


  2. Bruschi Says:

    Hi Riley! Wow, that is such a great story that you and your mommy helped save Duchess! Can you imagine if she was on the street for much longer? How sad!!! I bet her owner is so happy to have her back!
    And I think you are very distinguished and could certainly handle an older “woman” BOL!

    Sorry about the muddy paws incident…..I don’t get why these humans don’t let us stay dirty? I have a funny story to share, but it’s kind of embarassing……the other night I was out for my nightly poop…..and it was kinda “loose” if you know what I mean. Anyways, as I was squatting, I heard the sound of the sprinklers emerging from the ground! It startled me and I fell back into my own pile of wet poop! BOL! Guess where Mommy took me….right into the shower! She kept calling me Stink Butt!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  3. Eduardo Says:

    I wish we could’ve seen pics of you all muddy! I’m glad the girl found her home, she was kinda skinny (was that just the pic?) Did her Daddy act like her was happy to get her back?
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  4. rileythepuggle Says:

    What a funny story Bruschi! Your silly mommy made you get clean too, huh? Don’t they know we like a little mess on us? Silly humans.

    Eduardo – no! Her daddy didn’t seem all that happy at all. I was mad! She was so beautiful and he took her from me and didn’t even seem happy. Hopefully he was just hiding his happiness.

  5. CoCo Says:

    Hi Riley!

    My Daddy came home with two lost doggies last year. I cannot say that I had a crush on either of them…they took up my Daddy’s time! You are too handsome!


  6. rileythepuggle Says:

    Aww, thank you for the compliment, CoCo!

    I want to apologize for never commenting on your blog. Mommy is lazy and won’t make a google account even though I keep telling her to just suck it up and do it.



  7. medicallyblonde2 Says:

    We can play in the mud together! Mommy won’t let me jump on the couch after playing in the mud even though I REALLLY want to…maybe we could gang up on her?

    Licks and Love,

  8. rileythepuggle Says:

    We should totally do that, Baxter! I bet you look super cool when you’re all muddy ’cause of your white fluffiness! Lets do it! Get muddy and TAKE BACK THE COUCH!

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