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Just a suggestion… January 10, 2009

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Okay, blog friends, I’m going to give you some advice you’ll definitely be thanking me for.  Get your parents to go out and watch the film, Marley and Me.  I’m serious.  

Daddy came home from work way early, like hours early.  I was so excited I couldn’t keep my paws off of him.  Then my parents ended up going out.  I was mad at first, but then they came home, and they were all over me.  They gave me treats, hugs, and couldn’t stop petting me.

Why, all this crazy affection, you ask?

They saw Marley & Me.  It’s some film about some lab and his parents.  Apparently this Marley really knew how to have a fun time, devouring furniture, drywall… and tons of puppy chow.  

So, my friends, here’s to Marley… and any of you dogs out there that like to be just as rambunctious.  




6 Responses to “Just a suggestion…”

  1. CoCo Says:

    Great suggestion Riley! My parents haven’t seen the movie yet, but my Mama read the book. Afterwards, she bought me extra treats and gave me extra kisses. Of course I’m on lovey dovey overload because she was like that before she read the book. I enjoy all the extra treats, but the extra kisses are getting to me!


  2. Mr. Puggle Says:

    have not seen it yet. maybe this weekend? thanks for the review.

  3. medicallyblonde2 Says:

    Hey Riley,
    My mom is afraid to see the movie, daddy says she will probably cry like a baby! Thanks for the review!

    Kisses and tail wags,

  4. Eduardo Says:

    Thanks for the review! Maybe now my Mommy will go see it & give me lots of loving!(more than usual!)
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  5. misskyliem Says:

    Mom and Dad and Nawnie and Papa went and saw it New Years weekend, You’re right, you get super lovin’ when they get back! Although alot of tight snuggles which make you just wan to wiggle away! BOL

    You are getting so BIG Mr. Riley!


  6. Bruschi Says:

    HI Riley! Thanks for the tip about Marley and Me! My mommy wants to see it, but she thinks she’ll cry too much. She cries over any animal show or movie, and she knows the ending to Marley and Me is really sad. I can’t wait til she sucks it up and goes to see it though. I can’t wait for all the extra treats and snuggles I’ll get… if I need anymore! BOL!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

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