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Baby, it’s coooold outside! January 28, 2009

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Winter weather advisory:  stay warm, blog friends!  It’s really cold outside.  There’s lots of snow & ice on the ground, and as fun as it is to play in, it can make for one chilly puggle!


Snow is yummy, mommy!

Snow is yummy, mommy!

So, what’s the solution to this wintery weather?

Two words:  electric. blanket.  


Snuggling in the warmth.

Snuggling in the warmth.

I’ve pretty much just been sleeping and eating lately, no interesting news to report, so i’ll just post some pictures of mommy’s latest photoshoots.


Blogging is tiring!

Blogging is tiring!


Surprise, daddy!

Surprise, daddy!


We're men, this is what we DO!

We're men, this is what we DO!

Love & Licks to all of you, sorry this entry is so short.


… and remember, STAY WARM!


Riley the Puggle


3 Responses to “Baby, it’s coooold outside!”

  1. misskyliem Says:

    Thanks for the weather alert! It started snowing here again this morning and still is!!! I have more fur then you so I really like jumping around in it, but silly Mommy always says it’s time to go in JUST when I’m really getting into it!

    Good photo shoot! BOL


  2. Bruschi Says:

    HI Riley!! What do you mean its cold out there? It is hot here….in the 80’s BOL! Oh wait, you were giving us YOUR weather report! hehehe I’m such a silly puggle!
    You look pretty cute with that white stuff on your face!
    Oh and I lay around with my daddy like that too…it’s a boy thing…mommy wouldn’t understand!
    Stay warm!!!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  3. Eduardo Says:

    Your right the best thing to do when it’s cold is stay cozy! Love the pics!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

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