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All About Riley October 24, 2008


My name is Riley and I’m a 4 month old puggle.  I like to sleep, learn new tricks, enjoy treats, and play like crazy.  My favorite toy is named Mr. Blue, and my favorite dog is Mocha, my bff and roommate.  I also like watching tv with mom and sleeping in the big bed whenever I get a chance.  Did I mention I like sleeping?  



3 Responses to “All About Riley”

  1. mary Says:

    Riley,you are a very handsome puggle and it’s great reading about all your adventures!
    Keep posting!

    Mary in England xxx

  2. Tori Says:

    Hey…I was just wondering where Riley is from and where you live now. We have a puggle that is the same age as yours, and he had a sister named Riley.


  3. vivaretro Says:

    I love your site! I too have a pug blog at:
    and would love to exchange links with you!

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